COS Vampire Council Most Wanted List

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Message from Vampire Council of Colorado Springs

 For such a beautiful town Colorado Springs has a lot going on when the sun goes down. The clubs are run by the Vampire council and women constantly date men without ever knowing why they wake up with bite marks on their thigh. When the evening rises so do they life (no so live) blood of the town puts their teeth into the community.

As the local Vampire Council reaches out to Vampires across the country we assure you that Colorado Springs is a safe place for Vampires. We have published the following list of people that Vampires must avoid. Please remember as you visit or relocate to the Colorado Springs area that the following people have been listed as dangerous and any help in their capture will be repaid by the Vampire Council.

-Heathcoat Wiser
Vampire Council VP

WANTED-Draven Noir

Wanted for: Murder of Councilman's Son
Last known location: Colorado Springs, CO
Known Alias: None
Species: Vampire
Date of Birth: Unknown

If you locate Draven do not try to apprehend. He usually is carrying a gun which he is very fast and very accurate with. He may be seen in the daylight. When you find him please alert the Counsil as soon as possible.

WANTED - Jinx Spurvis

Wanted For: Aiding Draven Noir, known vampire killer
Last Known Location: Employee at local Army Surplus Store
Birthdate: 1984

If you see him immediately contact the Council for there is a great chance he is hanging out with Draven Noir who was almost his brother in law. Sister was killed and the murder was never solved so has a quick temper.