Cast and Crew of Darkness of Day

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Darkness of Day a Possessed Hand Production

Directed by: A.J. Ager
Written by: A.J. Ager
Executive Producer: A.J. Ager
Associate Producer: Donte Brown, Rodney C Denius
Producer: Casey Ager, Tim Goodwin

Camera: Sony HDV
Shot 16:9 

Director: A.J. Ager.....The Award winning Writer/Director from Possessed Hand Productions takes on his biggest project yet with Darkness of Day. A.J. has degrees from teh University of Colorado, the New York Alternative Film School, and the Hollywood Film Institute.

Casey Ager....he has starred and helped produce many of your favorite Possessed Hand Films. He stars in Bargain for the Cure, Merry Fucking Xmas: the Curse of Aunt Flo, Open Toed Mic: the Semi autobiograghical story of Sidney Day, and Upping the Mutt. Although he is helping in a producing roll here his real passion lies in front of the camera.

Donte Brown.....Donte is coming aboard his first Possessed Hand Production here. With a degree in film production and a big pounding film experience he lends a lot to the project.

Rodney C Denius.....Big Rod is another experience Possessed Hand crew member. He will not be featured in this production in front of the camera but his contribution will not go unappreciated.

Tim Goodwin working on his first Possessed Hand Production. His connections throughout the city have helped with the securing of locations and funding.

Chris Lynch.....Graduate of Adams State University, making his Possessed Hand Debut. History of helping kids with bad backgrounds which works well when you're working with the Possessed Hand Bunch

Aaron Springfield

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