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The Life Blood of Darkness of Day

DRAVEN NOIR - Casey Ager

Draven gets one day out of the year to walk in the daylight. He must use his quick wit and his quicker gun to solve the mystery of Simone's death to be able to walk in the daylight again the next year. 

Open Toed Mic
Spoogie Norris: Fecalologist
Bargain For the Cure
Merry Fucking Xmas: The Curse of Aunt Flo


One hundred year old Vampire thats blind and has a knack for women loving him. Sharp dresser who loves playing poker with his fellow buddies. He has a plan to get his eyesite back and the redeemer is part of it.


Open Toed Mic
Spoogie Norris Fecalogist
Merry Fucking XMAS

ARMAND - Aaron Springfield

Armand is one strange dude. With a bad temper and a half religious view of life. He truly is one tough dude to tangle with.


Angel works for Vincent and has a knack for killing people. His half vampire brother was killed by Draven. He along with the Vampire Council has a bounty on Draven's head. 


IVAN LABRECQUE - Jason Springfield

Ivan owns the local nightclub and has had squabbles with Draven in the past. Draven needs his help will Ivan give it to him?

FALSTO SVETKY - Will Melendez

Bounty hunter for the Vampire Council that has been hired to take down Draven. Likes Draven personally but is fiercly loyal to his job. And to the fact he may be faster with the gun than Draven.

DORIAN STACK - Kirk Williams

DORIAN - Kirk Williams
MELON - Mallory Relich
CHERRY - Nicole Fowler
IIONA - Linda Flynn
SPIKE - Paul Hanson